I would heartily recommend Sue Pfohl as a choice realtor. She was recommended to me by my Kokomo realtor as being the best for helping me find a new home in Indianapolis, and she surely has been just that! Sue listened to what I said I was looking for, and helped me find a home in my price range and desired area.

Sue has a good eye for seeing assets as well as problems in a home, and has a memory like an elephant for follow-through on those problems. Sue is patient, tireless, proactive in setting up appointment for inspections etc., even pressing my mortgage company to be ready on time for closing, for she said they were known to be slow. I know she helped me make the best choice, and I am not happily enjoying my new home!

Thank you so very much Sue!


Many thanks to Sue Pfohl for helping us buy our dream home. Sue gave us personalized attention and helped us through every step of the purchase process from viewing home to the closing. She patiently helped us explore many, many homes in the process and was able to guide us toward homes that met our preferences ( her knowledge of the Indianapolis are is amazing!). Her personalized attention extended to us even during an out-of-town trip as she made sure that another expert was available during her absence. If we're ever in the market for another home, we would contact Sue without hesitation.

Our home-owner buying experience can be summed up as, "Sue's the best".


Thank you again for all the hard work you did to make sure our deal went through. We wound up landing a 4-bedroom home in the exact school district we were hoping for, and the house is in even better shape than we could have imagined. The in-ground pool is a wonderful bonus.

We both know this deal wouldn't have happened without your perseverance and your theme of constantly pushing forward regardless of how difficult the buyer of our house proved to be. You had a great plan for attacking all the post-inspection fixes we had to do to our old house. You saved so many steps for us by lining up the contractors before we even had a chance to think about it much.

Whenever the buyer raised some sort of new concern, we defaulted to just thinking that you would know how to handle it, and you did, time and time again. We snagged that buyer due to your work setting up the open house, and we found our house thanks to the searches you helped set up for us.

I know when we first interviewed you that I had concerns about the bigger commission Tucker realtors receive compared to your competitors. You truly earned it on our deal. That extra 1 percent we paid was worth every single penny, and I will gladly recommend you to any friends and family who are house hunting in Indianapolis.

Thank you again for all your hard work.


I'm writing this letter on behalf on Sue Pfohl, F.C> Tucker Realtor. As a business owner and Licensed Realtor in Indiana I feel I have a firm grasp on business dealings and real-estate transactions. To the point that I originally tried to sell my Indianapolis property myself ( For Sale By Owner). I was unsuccessful in getting it sold and knew i needed a full time professional. Knowing multiple agents I chose Sue for many reasons. Her knowledge, experience, hard work, and dedication to her profession set her apart from many of the " put a sign in the yard" agents.

From the start, actively was booming within days from getting the property listed in the MLS. Sue was in contact with me giving feedback both good and bad. With me being out of town she went above and beyond the call of duty lining up lawn maintenance and checking on the property including watering plants. She held many open houses and generate much needed activity for my property. Once a qualified offer did come in, she did a great job even helping the other agent walk through the proper steps. Many issues came up during inspection, but she was a huge asset lining up local contractors that were much more reasonably priced to make repairs. She was extremely thorough in meeting contract deadlines and responsibilities. After a successful closing I'm very glad I hired her to represent me.

Experience in any line of work is invaluable. Simply put., this woman knows her stuff. I hope you consider hiring her for your real estate needs! I'm glad I did!


Please see my answers to your questions below:

1) Sue Pfohl is an excellent real estate agent. One with a high level of integrity and willingness to get the job done. In her personal life she treats other with respect and compassion and makes an effort to help others even when it is inconvenient to her own life.
2) I would and have recommended Sue Pfohl to everyone I know; business contacts, family, and friends.
3) Sue is dedicated in everything she does and always wants things done correctly. You can't go wrong with Sue, she is an excellent choice for your position and gets along well with others.

I hope I have answered your questions to your expectations. About me: I don't usually speak this highly of people, as I am usually more critical, but in rate instances you find people who really are the good one's. Sue is one of those! I am not only a real estate developer with my own business, but I am also a deputy sheriff, so I very well understand the good and the bad of employees to the good and the bad of people in general. You won't be disappointed with Sue Pfohl.